LASIK Refractive Surgery - Laser Vision Correction

LASIK (Laser In-situ Keratomileusis) laser vision correction has helped hundreds of thousands of people to enhance and improve the quality of their lives. Donaldson Eye Care utilizes the latest generation state-of-the-art excimer laser with eye tracker technology along with the skill of the surgeons in helping patients achieve their optimum vision capabilities without glasses through LASIK refractive surgery. LASIK (Laser In-situ Keratomileusis) utilizes the excimer laser to gently reshape the cornea to correct for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Gerard Ardron, M.D., and Perry Haugen, M.D., specialize in LASIK refractive surgery in addition to being highly skilled in other ophthalmic surgery procedures. LASIK surgery is performed in our Surgery Center. The ophthalmologist that you select to perform your LASIK procedure will be the one who performs your pre-operative examination and discusses the details of the procedure with you. He will also provide all of your post-operative care and follow-up examinations. We believe that the continuity provided by this care model is superior and helps contribute to our patients’ overall satisfaction. The cost of the procedure includes the pre-operative examination and post-operative care and follow-up examinations. Affordable payment plans are available to fit most any budget through Care Credit.

Donaldson Eye Care Surgery Center

Refractive Surgeons

Gerard E. Ardron, MD

Perry A. Haugen, MD

Our LASIK Testimonials

Without my eyewear, everything was a blur. Now all of that is behind me, and my vision is corrected because of the procedure with the excimer laser. The difference in being able to see all of the time is wonderful. My life has changed for the better.


Thank you so much for making it all so easy and amazingly painless. I’ll certainly encourage others to do the same.


I am so happy I made the decision to have laser surgery. I went on my first vacation not worrying where my glasses are or if I would lose them. I highly recommend this surgery and to have Donaldson Eye Care Center do it. Very professional and friendly staff. Thank you.


After much research into LASIK surgery (internet research, publications), I decided it was worth checking into. I have had no problems since the surgery and I did not find the process scary in any way. Not needing glasses anymore is very liberating. The surgery was well worth the cost and I would to it again. I was very comfortable with the whole process and very pleased with the results.


I snowboard 80 to 100 days a year and it is great not to deal with foggy glasses or slipping contacts. Also, great for wakeboarding, seeing the clock from bed, seeing your feet in the shower, etc.


I had laser vision correction to enhance my life. I have enjoyed my experience with the Laser Center of Sonora. Everyone has shown the utmost in care and professionalism.


I feel this is the best thing I could have ever done. Thanks.


It’s nice to be rid of contacts, and a pleasure to open my eyes in the morning and see the world clearly. I hadn’t realized what a nuisance contacts were until I no longer had to soak and rinse and blink and chase them around my eyes. … now I think I see better than I did with contacts, and certainly with greater comfort and convenience.


… I’ve noticed these things for the first time in forty-two years because now I don’t wear glasses. … I really appreciate the doctors and personnel … The way they treated me before, during and after the procedure was super. The excitement they passed to me I hope I can pass on to others. Thank you so much.


Since I chose laser vision, I have never been happier. …I feel like a new person. I love it! Thank you.